Savage Sister

Savage Sister

Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Dreamwave – Savage Sister is a Chicago based dream pop/drone/shoegaze project that is mostly the work of one man, Michael Tenzer. The band’s self titled debut LP recently dropped, revealing a collection of ethereal electro-tinged shoegaze tracks that call to mind the fantastic work of Liz Harris’s Grouper, as well as Jessica Bailiff’s shimmering ambient/shoegaze compositions. What makes Tenzer’s work really stand out is the light touch of textures that permeates the album. Vocals are used as instruments and delicate waves of synths glide in and out of tracks offering more texture than you’re usually gifted on ethereal drone releases. The otherworldly beauty of a track like “Fractalfingers” is derived mostly from the layered soundscapes that melt together to create sweeping waves of airy ambiance. If you listen closely, you can hear a pop melody here and there, but instead of carrying the song, they just play their part in creating an exciting and dreamy wave of beautiful noise. Highly recommended.

Michael Tenzer, Chloe Lundgren, Caitlin Klask

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