10 Ways to Set Yourself Apart From Other Bands

10 Ways to Set Yourself Apart From Other Bands

Regardless of what genre of music you play, you need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Here are 10 ways that you can achieve that goal!

1. If you want to be appreciated as an original artist, don’t do more than two (reworked) covers in a set and don’t take three-set cover band gigs. Decide what kind of band you want to be, and then be it. It will work out better in the long run.

2. Take an objective look at yourself or band and list the things that make you, you and work towards emphasizing that. If you know other languages, sing some songs in different languages. If you have siblings in the band, or are twins, don’t hide it, promote it. If you’re into history or art, incorporate historical or artistic aspects into your writing. But above all, if you’re in a band that sounds like any another band, diverge from their sound immediately!

4. Take new approaches to your instrumentation, learn new instruments or try playing them in different ways that perhaps has never been attempted before. Don’t be afraid to explore!

5. Don’t stick to just one style of music, or at least record a few self-recorded demos and throw them up on Soundcloud, or Reverbnation and see what resonates with your fans. If you get enough interest and can swing the cash, try an EP of experimental music and see how that is received.

6. Network with other musicians, even from other states or countries, collaborating with new musicians from around the block or around the globe can greatly enhance all you’re doing on your own and with the other musician(s).

7. Look at how you’ve been marketing yourself, see what works, what doesn’t and keep trying new and creative ways to reach your fans.

8. I am a firm believer that we all should work collectively and help support one another, but it never hurts to see how other bands present themselves (musically or on stage) and getting feedback from them too can spark new ways at reaching more of an audience for yourself.

9. I would personally like to recommend NOT listening to the radio, let your music be inspired from within your soul and the world around you. Do not let the cookie-cutter realm of radio limit and stifle your potential before it has a chance to be fully realized.

10. Travel as often as you can, meet as many new people as you can. Take in the influences around you, experience them, make them part of you and let those influences of the people and places you’ve experienced enhance not only you as a person, but you as a musician.

A WORD OF CAUTION: If you’re considering writing a ‘gimmicky’ song to reach people, you’d better be prepared with a lot more highly representative songs to support it, otherwise you condemn yourself to being a one-hit wonder.

In closing, I just want to say one final thing, be original, be unique, be you and the rest will all come together.

Have some ways that YOU set yourself apart from other bands? Please share them with me at DKelly@ChicagoMusicGuide.com.

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