Aaron Williams Live at Chicago Music Guide [GALLERY]

Photos © 2018 by: Dennis M. Kelly

Photos © 2018 by: Dennis M. Kelly

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Biography: Hello, my name is Aaron Williams, songwriter, performer, recording artist, producer, and festival promoter from Chicago IL. My professional career in music spans across two decades and has brought me to world famous events and venues all across America. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, I’ve performed nationally, recorded original singles and albums in some of the country’s most prestigious studios, and contributed original music and interviews to feature films, documentaries, and television. My company, Skyline Entertainment hosts multiple showcases a year hosting ORIGINAL bands from Chicagoland called Skyline Music Concert Series and the famous annual Homegrown Arts and Music Festival now celebrating its 6th year coming up this summer 2018 in Chicago’s West Suburbs.


Official: http://www.aaronwilliamsmusic.com/
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