AM Taxi Interview

Based out of Chicago, IL.
Established in 2007

Vocals & Guitar / Adam Krier
Drums & Vocals / Chris Smith
Bass / Jason Schultejann
Guitar & Vocals / Jay Marino


It’s been a busy time for Chicago band AM Taxi, which last weekend opened for The Offspring in Wisconsin. This weekend, the band will take its smart pop punk sound to the Wicker Park Fest, being held on Milwaukee Avenue from North Avenue to Paulina Street in Chicago. AM Taxi, will take the stage at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. More information is at I had the pleasure to interview AM Taxi frontman Adam Krier about the band’s latest activities.

Q – The band of course will be playing at the Wicker Park Festival on Saturday. Do you guys prefer playing at festivals or in clubs. Or do you need both?

It’s nice to get a little bit of both, but I prefer the clubs. However, we played this same fest last year and it was cool, lots of variety.

Q – Any act you look forward to seeing at the festival? What should people expect from your show? Will you be previewing any new songs?

I’ve been meaning to see the Kickback. We’re doing some new songs, songs from our LP and a cover that we haven’t done in a couple years.

Q – What were your goals in forming AM Taxi and do you think you’ve achieved them?

When we started playing, Jason and I had been touring and recording for years and we just didn’t want to stop. There were never any long term goals.

Q – You guys seem to be pretty busy this summer. Last weekend, the band opened for The Offspring. How was that experience? Would you consider The Offspring to be a musical influence?

We have fun playing with them. No, I wouldn’t consider them an influence but I have a ton of respect for them as performers. All the songs on their set lists are hits and they get stuck in your head … and the guitar player’s name is Noodles … Right on!

Q – You balance being in AM Taxi with being in Lucky Boys Confusion. Do you need both in your life, along with the solo shows that you do?

Lucky Boys Confusion plays only a few shows here and there. I love seeing those guys, we grew up together. It really isn’t a problem balancing the two. Most of my time is focused on AM Taxi.

Q – I’m sure you’re still reeling from the death of Joe Sell. Was it important for the band to continue playing after his death in order to memorialize him? What are your thoughts ahead of Lucky Boys Confusion’s 15th year anniversary show/Joe Sell memorial this fall?

It’s important to play. We really miss him. Playing helps us remember and feel close to him.

The shows coming up will be at House of Blues. At first, when we were planning a 15 year anniversary, we were patting ourselves on the back for making it through 15 long years with the same line up. Now it’s a memorial as well.

Q – What’s on the horizon for both AM Taxi and Lucky Boys Confusion?

I’m in the studio w/ AM Taxi, working on new songs and song ideas … we can’t wait for everyone to hear.