The music of Chicago’s Ex Okays contains an undeniably addictive quality, and perhaps this is due to the fact that each track serves as a masterful fusion of lightness, power, and successful sonic tropes from the past and present. The result is a finely-calibrated batch of musical work that the ear and mind alike do not quickly forget.

The young band (comprised of Johnny Cummings, Aidan Cahill, Dominic Folino, Donovan Thomas, and Elias Snyder) display a smart sense of craftsmanship and composition through their existing discography – which, for the record, will soon include a new album that’s set for release within the next few days – which only amplifies the generated euphony. “Wanna Be Surfing,” for example, melts an ethereal essence into chordal intricacy. The stylistic nexus catalyzes auditory intrigue, therefore giving Ex Okays an added layer of sophistication that is far from lost on the listener. Each of their tracks are nuanced to an impressive degree, containing plentiful layers, intriguing melodic interplay, and dynamic juxtaposition.

“Bothersome,” the band’s most recent single, is an effortless embodiment of these qualities. Blending a lightness with a dark, alluring groove, the music alone is instantaneously infectious. While many aspects of this track are wonderful, a blatant standout is the poignant, raw lyrics. Expertly detailing the web of complications people go through upon the fallout of a personal relationship, the lyrics smartly create a sense of familiarity – subsequently catalyzing connection between the track and the listener. Connection is the foundation through which meaning is infused into an artistic work, leading to the development of a relationship between the work and that who consumes it. By tackling universal emotions in a savvy manner in “Bothersome,” Ex Okays have made it automatic, in essence, for listeners to establish a connection and relationship to their work.

Well played.

As stated earlier, Ex Okays are slated to release their first album, “GOOD/OLD DAYS” on Friday, June 29th. Before, that, though, a single from the album entitled “Amaranth Pink” will be released this Wednesday, June 20th.

Ex Okays have wowed listeners through singles and EPs, so one can only imagine all they’ll deliver on their debut album. If their past work is any indication, we’ll all be in for a real treat.