There’s something inherently magical about the work of Lucille Furs. One merely has to lend their ear to thirty seconds of any song within their existing body of work to understand this; to feel the many beautiful and cerebral elements they are able to seamlessly weave throughout their work. The songs within the band’s forthcoming self-titled album are certainly no exception to this. Each and every track transcends the bounds of innovation in terms of both the music and the lyrics alike, thus introducing the ear to music that is fresh, wholly original, and purely enjoyable.

An indisputable talent Lucille Furs possesses as an artistic ability to utilize music and lyrics as equalized agents of communication; the words and the music contain the creative potency to tell the same story as individualized entities, and thus result in overwhelming power when they are combined in song. Exemplary of this is “Does It Matter to You,” which displays immaculate detail, rhythmic fluidity, as well as lyrical realism that taps into the epicenter of human emotion. The chorus is insatiably addictive to the ear and mind alike, showcasing vocal work that is an effortless nexus of tonal etherealism and skill. Moreover, the track is peppered with subtle yet sharp musical nuances that, together, culminate in a large degree of sonic interplay that is both strong and displays the band’s refined composition skills.

Of a similar vein is “Baby Blaise,” a track that is so clearly intriguing in every essence of the word, but perhaps because it so effortlessly blends opposites. The sonic nuances of “Baby Blaise” are nostalgic yet cutting edge and modern, and familiar yet mysterious. Yes, these terms are antonyms, but this only reveals the inherent innovation of Lucille Furs – they can create a nexus of any two entities, sounds, or vibes and make them work cohesively and successfully regardless of whatever they may be. Lucille Furs is vastly more than just a band who knows what they’re doing – they’re innovators who have achieved an esteemed level of craftsmanship. Their forthcoming album is strikingly evident of this.

The opening notes of “Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration” are ethereal and exciting, and these elements maintain durability throughout the track’s entirety. The lightness of the verses are packed with elements of linguistic realism and sonic pleasantry, and are delightfully juxtaposed by explosions of sound that are strategically placed between them. Its raw nature has an inherent emotional appeal, and the track’s many rhythmic nuances further energize it. Its hypnotic musical interplay completely places listeners under some sort of spell, taking them to a world of the band’s creation.

As music is one of the oldest of the world’s gifts, it is quite difficult to classify a sound or work as purely new. However, that can absolutely be said in regards to the music within Lucille Furs’ forthcoming album. In fact, it can be said a million times over. Lucille Furs is artistically distinctive because their work reflects their ability to surpass the traditional boundaries of creativity. They evidently soar far beyond – this album completely proves that – and therefore they are able to cultivate a body of work that is intriguing, strong, and enjoyable to listen to.  This isn’t something every band can do, or do well. But Lucille Furs? Absolutely.

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