Downtempo, Electronica – The Atomica Project is a union of downtempo beats and stunning female vocals, amplified by an organic warmth generally absent from electronic music.

Devised by programmer/songwriter Wade Alin and vocalist Lauren Cheatham, The Atomica Project made waves in the chillout/electronic music community with their 2005 debut release, Metropolitan. Based heavily on Alin’s personal experiences in New York, Metropolitan illustrates a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery. Fueled by heavy podcast rotation, enthusiastic reviews, and an extensive online following, Metropolitan was considered by many as one of the best independent releases of 2005.

The Atomica Project’s sophomore release, Grayscale, exhibits a more heavily orchestrated, lavish sound that further incorporates organic instrumentation and exemplifies the emotional impact of Lauren Cheatham’s delivery. Following the release of Grayscale, the band continued to build their momentum, taking advantage of new formats (USB drive/download) to release two EP’s: The 1st In A Series Of Dramatic Events and Overseas. Both EP’s were released independently via their own online store/label ( and accompanied by tours of the Midwest and East Coast including headlining shows in Chicago, Boston, and New York, as well as an appearance at the 2009 Forward Music Festival.

Throughout the bands travels it was widely assumed that Wade and Lauren were intimate. This misperception inspired the title of their third full-length album, The Non-Affair. Musically, the band elaborates on their previous work with more venturous arrangements and stylistic flirtations with everything from the 1940’s to the modern shoe-gaze genre. Lyrically, the songs push further into the intimate spaces of relationships, identity, and change.

Always current and comfortable with the reality of a collapsed music business, The Atomica Project has teamed up with the creative funding site, The entire manufacturing process has been fully funded by fans and supporters of the band.

The Atomica Project – Delorian