By: Cara Carriveau Rick Springfield Biography There’s something about Rick Springfield that is and always has been very real. His songs about love and loss, greed and envy, elation and heartbreak spoke to that part of human nature that hasn’t changed in 3,000 years. They still do. On July 29,Continue Reading

Interview With Keith Nelson of Buckcherry By: Cara Carriveau October 30th, 2009 Buckcherry Biography A band can respond to success in many different ways. It can become complacent and rest on its laurels. It can become cautious and just give fans more of the same thing they liked the lastContinue Reading

Interview With Michael Buble By: Cara Carriveau September 23rd, 2009 Michael Bublé Bio Ask Michael Bublé how he felt going in to record his third studio album, Call Me Irresponsible, and this artist with 11 million albums sold and two Grammy nominations under his belt can sum it up in one word. “Terrified,”Continue Reading

By: Cara Carriveau Mike Pinder was the original founding member of one of the most influential rock bands, The Moody Blues. We talk about everything from music to UFO’s to his unique way of helping up & coming musicians on his website,

Pink Interview May 14th, 2009 By: Cara Carriveau P!nk has never been afraid to speak her mind, bare her soul, and share her deepest feelings in her songs. As she casually confers, “I have no choice. It’s what I do.” Indeed, it is what P!nk does. And, her 23 millionContinue Reading

By: Cara Carriveau February, 2009 Randy Jackson Bio From the liner notes of the 1998 release “The Best of Zebra In Black and White” by Colin J. Hulin I remember walking into an old school gym and hearing a barrage of wonderful sound… it was tight, lush, rocking, and loud.Continue Reading