The music of Chicago’s Ex Okays contains an undeniably addictive quality, and perhaps this is due to the fact that each track serves as a masterful fusion of lightness, power, and successful sonic tropes from the past and present. The result is a finely-calibrated batch of musical work that theContinue Reading

Exceptionalism is a word that is seldom used lightly. It’s rarely found in documents, works of literature, or articles. However, it’s going to be used in this one because it is one of the only words that can properly amass to the brilliance that is Post Animal. It’s by noContinue Reading

Over the weekend, The Walters – a five piece that consisted of Luke Olson, Michael Tirabassi, Walter Kosner, Danny Wells, and Charlie Ekhaus – announced that they had no future plans to release new music as a band. The ending of the highly beloved local band is obviously sad news,Continue Reading

There’s a wonderfully cerebral element to the music of Cafe Racer. Musically and lyrically, it commands the attention of the ear and the mind alike – thus resulting in a deeply immersive musical experience. Though each track within their existing discography is audibly distinctive in its own right, Cafe RacerContinue Reading

It’s not easy to find a band whose work is as sonically mesmerizing as Deeper’s. The band (comprised of Michael Clawson, Shiraz Bhatti, Nicholas Gohl, and Drew McBride) has been rapidly cultivating a notable reputation as a distinguished musical entity within Chicago’s creative community. The band has completed several liveContinue Reading

A potent aspect of creative communities is that they catalyze a sense of togetherness. They yield the power to bring likeminded people with similar aspirations together, and that can often serve as the blueprints for the formation of an endlessly skillful artistic entity. This is how Chicago band Lucille FursContinue Reading

Amidst a highly saturated market, The Gnar Wave Rangers are able to sonically distinguish themselves by a large margin through creating a nexus of clear musical skill and zaniness that is welcomely reminiscent of the work of Frank Zappa. Their music contains an exploratory nature that yields a massive payoffContinue Reading

To put it simply, The Evening Attraction is utterly spectacular. The band (composed of Miles Malin, Paul Ansani, Joey Abaroa, Nick Tumminello, and Vince Pimentel) has been producing sonically impressive discography since 2014 – and it all started with a high school band. “Miles and I played together in aContinue Reading