Often times, in multiple facets of the music industry, impact and potency are associated with numerical value. Whether it be the highest level of voltage on an amp, a stage containing several musicians, or the number of individuals in a crowd — the idea of larger numbers and power hasContinue Reading

Since the dawn of mass media, artistic mediums have been able to serve as sources of inspiration for one another. Literary works have been adapted into films, events highlighted in the newspaper have served as catalysts for brilliant works of dance and visual art, and music has been used asContinue Reading

Three years after the release of their first self-titled album, Chicago’s own NE-HI is back in full force with the release of their sophomore album, “Offers.” NE-HI (composed of Jason Balla, Michael Wells, James Weir, and Alex Otake) has been a staple of Chicago’s music scene since their 2013 formation.Continue Reading

February in Chicago is notoriously gray and bleak, creating a longing for vibrance and color. In 2015, however, best friends Tara Shedor and Sam Larson gave the city just that when they started their band Peach Fuzz. “The plan was to make tongue in cheek, fun and provocative rock n’Continue Reading