Panda Riot Northern Automatic Music Saint Marie Records SMR023 Release Date: 2/19/13 Panda Riot’s new album Northern Automatic Music is the kind of album you pop into your car right before setting off on an exciting road trip. It’s ethereal vocals on most of the tracks in combination with theContinue Reading

Ace Bar By: Nicole Nicholson Have you heard of instrumental jam fusion? If you have, then kudos to you, friend! But if you haven’t then it may be time for Digeometric to school you because they can certainly teach you a thing or two. That’s exactly what they did atContinue Reading

By: Nicole Nicholson and Dennis Kelly Photos By: Matt Ginger About The Recording Academy Chapters The Academy has 12 regional chapters throughout the country. Members who join the Academy are placed in the chapter closest to their residence. Chapter offices represent the Academy on a local level by working withinContinue Reading