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Variety is the spice of life readers and tonight, this reviewer got just that while hanging out at her “home” in Lakeview. At the Elbo Room, there was a rockin’ explosion of music that would please the eclectic ear. Surfer rock (Volcano Weather) …funky Philly psychedelic rock (The Great Socio)Continue Reading

REVIEW: North Coast Music Fest 2013 Day 2 North Coast Music Festival – Day 2 August 31st, 2013 By: SouthSide Tanya Vega After the heavy rains from last night and early in the morning subsided, that North Coast Music Festival newbie feeling had finally worn off and SouthSide was readyContinue Reading

REVIEW: North Coast Music Fest 2013 Day 1 North Coast Music Festival – Day 1 August 30th, 2013 By: SouthSide Tanya Vega Music, fun, warm summertime weather, colorful costumes, hoopers and heavy rains – that’s how SouthSide would describe her first day at North Coast Music Festival held inside UnionContinue Reading

“…you’re so bleepin’ beautiful in so many ways…” Blood On The Dance Floor to the screaming crowd Everyday is Halloween for SouthSide, Chicago Music Guide readers. And tonight was no different as she and her young daughter aka Sunday (not her real name) joined an eager crowd in seeing the touringContinue Reading

Hey, Chicago Music Guide readers …and welcome to one busy Halloweek! SouthSide’s rockin’ the holiday spirit by covering some of the hottest shows to hit local stages from now until November 1st. Her fantastical journey began at Schubas (in the Lakeview area) to see the Ten Buck Tour featuring honeyhoney (CA) along with Joshua James (UT) and Desert Noises (UT). This reviewer highly recommends feeling andContinue Reading