Austin, TX artist, Roger Sellers made his debut performance at Lollapalooza with drummer and friend Matt Toman on Sunday, August 4th on the American Eagle stage, weaving through selections from his two albums, Primitives and his most recent release, Drastic Measures.

His music typically starts by either laying down a beat or melody, creating a loop from it and then building on the songs organically from there.

Starting off his set with the song called, ‘Sincere’, from Primitives, it seemed the most appropriate song to begin with. And artists such as Roger, does create and perform his music from that place of sincerity. With Roger, it is more than just a performance and not just another audience, each show means something intrinsic.

Other songs that were performed during his set were “I Know”, “Uncertainly Deranged” and the title track for Drastic Measures and a song called “Living Room” which was only recently added to the Primitives album back in November 2018.

Like watching an artisan creating his work of art, Roger moves about his keyboards, guitar and drums, adding new elements to the musical arrangement. There is much more to Bayonne than many other artists, much more depth and much more creativity than you find these days. While some artists are looking for the essential ‘hook’, Roger looks for artistic satisfaction and is always incredibly happy for each fan that appreciates his work.

Playing a festival like Lollapalooza has its advantages and disadvantages and in this case, it was incredible to finally have had the chance to see Bayonne live. However, Bayonne typically includes more of a visual production to the shows which was unfortunately absent from this performance. But rather than look on this in any negative kind of way, I look at it as more of an incentive to catching one of his regular venue shows with a longer set time and full visuals to enhance the evocative music Roger creates.

To that end, I highly recommend you catching his shows anytime he comes to your town. At present, he will soon be embarking on a short European tour, so get ready over there for the musical experience of a lifetime! (tour dates below)

Tour Dates

SEP 11 Wednesday, 9:00PM
Grelle Forelle
Vienna, Austria

SEP 12 Thursday, 8:00PM
Strom München
Munich, Germany

SEP 14 Saturday, 7:00PM
Zurich, Switzerland

SEP 16 Monday, 8:00PM
Zoom Frankfurt
Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

SEP 17 Tuesday, 7:00PM
Cologne, Germany

SEP 18 Wednesday, 7:00PM
Berlin, Germany

SEP 19 Thursday, 7:00PM
Reeperbahn Festival
Hamburg, Germany

SEP 20 Friday, 7:00PM
Reeperbahn Festival
Hamburg, Germany

SEP 21 Saturday, 7:00PM
Reeperbahn Festival
Hamburg, Germany