BLAGE, a band from Chicago where bands like “Disturbed” “From Zero”, “No One” and “Soil” are from, came together in 2001 and have been creating music ever since. With four members including Tony DiPietra on vocals, Tino Priolo on drums, Rick Tsikalios on bass, and Benny Priolo on guitar, BLAGE performs well known venues that include the Oasis One-Sixty, and Shark Studios. They completed a full length album in the summer of 2002, which can be purchased at any Chicago Tower Records, and recently completed a demo CD with producer Brian Griffin, the personal sound man of Soil. They are covering new ground with shows at the Oasis One-Sixty, and hope to be performing at other great venues soon. With driving vocals, catchy bass and guitar riffs and solid drumming they have been invited to many performances at High School shows, acoustic open mic nights, house parties, Afternight Soundstage, Shark Studios and Rock House USA . Their most recent project has been completed with the mind and creativity of Brian Griffin, and the musicianship of BLAGE. We hope to cover new ground in 2004 with our new demo.

Our songs are stronger, more mature and developed. Our goal is to continue writing good music that we and our fans can enjoy. We hope to see you at a show!


Tony DiPietra – Vocals
Tino Priolo – Drums
Rick Tsikalios – Bass
Benny Priolo – Guitar