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Dark pop

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Anna and Sonia Kuprienko

Growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev, this remarkably gifted pair were immersed in music before escaping its confines, fiercely determined to head into the outside world and make an impression. They moved to London to improve their art and the culture they found shocked them. Coming from such a different background, one would fear that they might become enchanted by the big city life, but instead they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and grew more and more committed to each other and their music.

This 18 year olds have got a Steely drive behind the gossamer intimacy of the music. Having already mastered keyboards, flute and harmonica, they are trying to master as many other instruments as they can, including guitar and drums to go with the electronic beats.

On June 20th Bloom Twins released their first track “Fahrenheit” which quickly brought them to attention of various music and fashion spreads of such magazines like Bullet magazine, Music and Musicians, Artist Direct, Paradigm, Flaunt, Wonderland, Vogue Italy, Russia and Ukraine etc.

DK: Good day Anna and Sonia, thank you both so much for taking the time to talk with me today, I greatly appreciate it! How are you both doing?

AK: Hello! Great thanks!
SK: Hi! Awesome!

DK: There has been a lot going on with you and around you these days, can you bring us up to speed? You have moved back to your home near Kiev, correct?

AK: We haven’t moved to Brovary, we just came here to see our family as we don’t get to see them much. We had to renew our visas, and are waiting for the decision at the moment.

DK: Ah… sorry about that, from the Facebook posts it sounded like more of a permanent situation. Do you think you will be able to get back to the UK soon though?

AK: We really hope so. London became our home, we belong there and it’s really tough to be away from it.

DK: What are some things you miss about London?

SK: I miss everything starting from the brick walls, rain, people, architecture, to our music events. I miss that kind of rush, that makes you stay awake for more than 24 hours.

DK: Has this Visa delay interfered with your career goals in any way or can you still keep on (relative) track from where you are now?

AK: No, it won’t stop us from writing, but we are very sad that many shows and radio appearances had to be cancelled and some more still have to be cancelled. We are sorry we are letting our fans down, but we’re really looking forward to get back there and playing twice as many shows and showing off our new songs.

DK: One of the things that has interested me most about Bloom Twins is not only how creative and versatile you both are, but how you are already using the power of music to inspire people with your cover of “Get Up Stand Up”. I think it is easy (sometimes) to forget how music can bring people together and focus their thoughts on one common goal and I hope it helped. Had you received some great responses from it?

AK: Couldn’t agree more! Music brings people together, unites and is capable of creating magic and raising the awareness. We all listen to songs that correspond to what we are going through and sometimes one line in a song can make a difference. Yes, we had an incredible response from people; how it moved them and when they were losing strength, it kept them going.

DK: Another aspect about your music that impresses me is the maturity level of your music, it is deep and meaningful and pulls you in to the full raw emotion that you are so articulately conveying. You both truly have a beautiful gift. To take a song like Fahrenheit from inception to completion, how long did that song take and what is some background on it?

AK: “Fahrenheit” is one of the most significant songs for us. It was not long after we first arrived to london that this song was born. We were going through a mix of different emotions.

DK: How much music of your own do you have written and produced so far?

AK: Gosh! We have lots of material. We constantly write. The problem with this is that we love certain songs as we write them, but the following day we can say “what were we thinking?”. It’s an ongoing process.

DK: Do you both write lyrics?

AK: We create music and our manager Lenka, inspired by our haunting melodies, creates a perfect story. She knows and understands us so well. We are an excellent union, like three sisters, triplets.

DK: Oh, I didn’t realize she wrote the lyrics, how cool! Your music is so evocative, how do you approach songwriting? Do you need to seclude yourselves in your own space to capture the moods and feelings just right?

AK: Yes, we need to seclude ourselves, otherwise we get distracted…

DK: Oh, I know the feeling all too well. From tweets to posts to texts, we are definitely a distracted society, aren’t we?

AK: …We may come up with something together, then live it separately and then come back and merge it.

DK: Of the instruments you’ve already mastered, (keyboards, flute and harmonica) and those you plan to master, (guitar and drums), are you both mastering these instruments together or each separately?

SK: We are mastering different instruments, it’s better this way.

DK: On a given day, how much time do each of you have per day to devote to your music?

SK: We can spend the entire day. Music is like air to us, without it we cannot survive.

DK: Have there been any particular photos of your fashion work that you both were most proud of?

The Untitled Magazine - Issue 7SK: The “Legendary” Issue of The Untitled Magazine. It was featuring most inspirational talent in music, film and fashion – with a focus on “Living Legends” and “Future Legends”.

There are 50 exclusive photo shoots and interviews with rising stars, and we were one of those up and coming artists. Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran photographed us. This is something we couldn’t even dream of. A) achingly beautiful photos shot by someone’s who’s musical career and B) vision we already loved. Hopefully we will get to do something like that again.

DK: You recently released the music video for “Blue”, how involved were you in its direction?

SK: We weren’t really involved in this idea, but we had ideas of merging fashion and a storyline together.

DK: While in London, you performed at a lot of varied sized venues including doing some open mics. How helpful was performing the open mics for you?

10494786_540893426010893_1775728590442680190_nSK: It was absolutely excellent. When you’re a young artist, you want to play for people, but you can’t get gigs yet. So there you pour your heart out, and showcase your songs and experiment. It’s very raw and incredible. We had our favourite spots and to this day we sometimes pay them a visit.

DK: You’ve played to audiences of at least 2,000 people as well, where was that and how well were you received?

SK: That was in Liverpool. We were opening for the Eels. We absolutely loved it. We were very well received and we were very flattered as we didn’t expect that.

DK: So glad to hear it! Was there any show you did where you felt you did not perform as well as you’d liked, but went far better than expected?

SK: As every single band, we have bad and good gigs, the difference between them is the feeling that we have after it. If you are feeling tired, that is not good but if you feel like doing another gig and it is not enough that is a good one. So all the time when we feel like it wasn’t good it means it wasn’t, even if people are saying that it was great. Energy never lies, you have it or you don’t.

DK: Where are some places you’d like to perform at in the world? (We’d of course love to see you at Lollapalooza someday… hint, hint…)

SK: Certainly, Lollapalooza yes, and Glastonbury, Coachella, one of our favorite venues is also Somerset House in London. It would be very special to play there.

DK: Bloom Twins are nicely accessible in the online realm, from Facebook, to instagram. How much time do you get to interact with your fans online?

SK: We are trying to talk to our friends as much as we can. We are not great at it. But we do want to stay connected with our friends and fans and share what’s new directly with them.

DK: What has been some of the more interesting or impacting posts/messages you’ve received via social media?

SK: Posts about Ukraine. People were thanking us for the support. It’s incredible to people that something you have done has a deep meaning and makes a difference.

DK: Speaking of social media, it was (in part, at least) thanks to Facebook how you came to connect with Lenka Chubuklieva, a model and bass player who requested you audition for her for the band Sister Siren, right?

SK: Yes, indeed. Facebook was where she first saw us, but the audition wasn’t for Lenka’s band. So the meeting quickly turned out to something that we couldn’t dream of. And, what now seems, in no time at all – we moved to London.

DK: Lenka had lived over in London for some time and encouraged you to come there as Bloom Twins. Can you share with us this point in your lives and how it all came together for me please?

SK: Everything big starts from something little. The song starts from a first note, lyrics from a word and our history began from an accapella which we sang to Lenka and Juzzee. They asked us if we would like to move to London and try to develop our music there. After a couple of months, we were in London and from there we started to change with every minute. Even at this early stage of our careers, we can look back and say that we have something to be proud of.

DK: Indeed! Besides the visa requirements, what were some of the other challenges you both faced when moving to London?

AK: First year and a half was pretty tough, to get people to hear us and not judge us by our looks. We couldn’t talk and that was a big challenge in our career as well. But it’s amazing.

SK: We got into adult lives. We transformed from kids into people who can live on their own, and who can start something from a total zero.

DK: What were some of the biggest culture shocks for you and did you have any trouble adapting to them?

SK: There weren’t certain things that shocked me, London shocked me itself. London taught me how to think out of the box, and how to live my life.

DK: Who are some people you met there who inspired you or taught you some valuable lessons in your career and how did you incorporate the lessons into your lives?

SK: We’ve met lots of people who taught us things, but we have just two real teachers who have changed not only my vision of life, but life itself. Those lessons help us every day, those lessons are priceless.

DK: Shifting gears now, what are some of your personal world views?

AK: The world is full of challenges and inspirations and I’m always excited about what the next day will bring me. There is so much in the world that we could to help change things for the better and we hope we will be capable of doing so.

DK: How many languages do you speak?
For now we only speak 3, but planning to learn more.

DK: Now back on to looking ahead, what are some of the more immediate plans you have lined up?

SK: In the very near future, we are planning to release our first EP. Then we’ll get back to writing more new songs with lots of different people, who make our hearts beat faster, and to share it with whole world!

DK: Awesome! I am definitely looking forward to the new EP for sure! What are the best ways for fans to reach you and how about music or fashion contacts, what would be a great way for someone in either industry to get ahold of you?

SK: The best way to reach us is to go onto our website at and from there they can choose how to follow us (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram). There are also e-mail addresses of our representatives.

DK: Well Anna and Sonia, I once again want to thank you very much for your time and I hope you will continue to see your dreams bloom in all the best possible ways. Have a wonderful evening!

AK: Thank you for a great chat! Have an incredible evening too!
SK: Thank you so much. It was a real pleasure for us to chat to you. Have a lovely evening too. And we hope we will talk to you soon!

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