Photo © 2016 by: Roman Sobus

DK: This is Dennis Kelly and I’m here with Tom and Jimmy of Bob Moses, how are you guys doing today?

JV: Fantastic, man.

DK: I happened to catch some of your set and you guys were smokin! I’ve seen your performances on Ellen and all over Youtube and you guys are just freaking amazing!

JV & TH: Thank you!

DK: So, how does it feel to be at Lollapalooza for the first time?

JV: It feels great dude, we’re both fans of Janes Addiction and stuff like that so the fact that Perry Farrell puts this on and like what he is about and what he books, I think its great!

DK: Are you staying longer than today?

JV: We are, we got in last night. We’re playing three shows, that was the first one and we’re here tomorrow, here Friday and we leave for LA on Saturday.

DK: Awesome! I know you’re playing at Spybar but do you have a DJ set in between that as well?

TH: Yeah, we’re going to do a DJ set now and then Spybar tonight.

DK: Busy, busy, busy! You’ve got some big news here too with the vinyl re-issue of Days Gone By (Never Enough Edition) coming out on August 19th, what can you tell me about that?

JV: Its funny because the album has been kinda like this slow grow and the label came up to us and were like “Hey man, what do you think about repackaging it and putting some more songs in it?” so we were like, “Great, lets get some remixes, lets do some live versions, and lets do some bonus tracks that didn’t make the record.” So now we’ve got 10 extra tracks accompanying the ten that were originally on the album and we’re super stoked about it.

DK: Understandable, you guys have a great sound and I personally feel that you both have really only scratched the surface of your true musical potential and I am very excited to see more of what you come up with in the near future.

Both: Thank you man!

TH: We’re stoked to be able to do it and play festivals like this.

DK: So, I know you have quite a bit of activity going on today, so, I’ll let you get back, but I wanted to thank you both for taking the time to talk with us today.

Both: Thank you for having us!

DK: Thanks!

Biography: Canadian grown (legally), New York formed duo Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie are one of the latest acts to release on the boutique label Scissor and Thread. Although only cordially discussing music and life in the same high school art class in Vancouver BC, it wasn’t until several years later that they bumped into each other at a Lowe’s parking lot and teamed up to make the act now known as Bob Moses.

Music that will make you want to build a highway through a low income neighborhood.