People talk about college constantly. They say furthering your education is important for getting a job and all that junk. However, nobody really talks about the importance of seeing live music during your time in college.

When I was ready to transfer out of community college and head to Chicago, nobody ever told me the importance of getting out of my dorm room and experiencing live music. I was told to study hard, make friends, and save my money. Occasionally, some uncle or friend would tell me to make some room in my schedule for fun. Yet, nobody stressed the importance of seeing live music. 

College is a place where young people explore their academic interests and find their footing in the world. It also is a place where people are subject to all kinds of different and new ideas and opinions. We are told to keep an open mind during college, and that applies to our music consumption. 

Music is an incredible way to express emotions or bring to light real issues in society. College is a time of experimenting and exploring, so naturally that means one should experiment with new music. My advice to any students reading this, whether you be a college student, high-school student, or even younger, is that you shouldn’t pin yourself down for one or two specific musical genres. Explore your tastes! Force yourself to listen to new bands. Go out with friends to see local concerts. Take chances and see bands you know nothing about. 

You will find bands you love and you will find some you loathe. Either way, you’re experiencing new things. You’re hearing new voices, new opinions, that can influence you and your ideals. We need more free thinking individuals out there in the world, so please, I urge you to go out and find bands that aren’t in your comfort zone. Broaden your musical horizons and it will make you a more interesting and well-rounded person!