Calboy – Long Live the Kings (EP Review)

Following up his breakthrough 2019 album, Wildboy, Calboy gives us 17 minutes of catchy vocal melodies and emotionally captivating lyrics, both elements that we’ve come to expect from the 20-year-old.

The subject matter, at no fault, is much of the same but I find the instrumentals on this EP to be a little more interesting than what we got on Wildboy. The three feature-less tracks in the middle tote some very upbeat stringy lead melodies, most notably, “Gazel de Blanco”, produced by Chicago guys and Kanye and The Weeknd collaborators, Mano and OGWebbie. It balances a high arpeggiated lead melody with some undeniably hard kicks and 808s in the lower register. All the while, Calboy dances in the in-between.

While the features don’t hurt the project, I find that they’re really not necessary to keep things fresh. Calboy is multidimensional and charismatic enough to carry a project from beginning to end. However, both the Lil Tjay appearances on this thing exhibit an energy that you can only get out of a kid that hasn’t yet stared into the abyss that is a 20th birthday.

The project in full feels like a precursor to something bigger. Perhaps an album that puts him up there with Lil Baby, Gunna, and Roddy Ricch. Any one of the songs on this EP could be the next Tik Tok trend or Billboard shooting star but those kinds of one-way tickets seem to be up to chance. Until then, Calboy seems perfectly comfortable putting in the work and building a solid ground underneath his feet so that if things do take off, he has a place to land.

Standout Track: “Dope Boy”