Photos © 2004 by: Dennis M. Kelly


Marc – lead guitar,back vocals
Andrew – lead vocals,rhythm guitar
Jimmy – drums
Noah – bass,back vocals
Mickey – sax


What is CatchStone?
Catchstone is an emotional, live, rock/jam band that leaves you with a new aspect of music after every show. Their original sound and energetic stage presence give you an unbelievable rock show that you won’t forget.

The live show
Catchstone has had very good local success. They continue to play every weekend in front of many die-hard fans singing every word to every song.

In the studio
For their cd, they have worked with names such as Gary Fry (produces McDonald’s commercials; has produced songs for movies and for recording artists John Denver, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Paul Simon and Billy Joel), Charles Aldous (The Latest Faction, Split 7), and Ray Kainz (The Wild Ones, Joy Focus, Aleve Commericals). CD sales have been great so far.

Who do we sound like?
No one in particular. We have accomplished our own sound in an attempt to be a unique band. Although, Catchstone’s sound has somewhat similar blend to bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer, O.A.R., Dave Matthews Band, Dave Tamkin & The PPC, Guster, and Matchbox 20.