Looking for a male lead singer sub for a working Midwest regional 80’s cover band. Great pay $$$. Please e-mail a link to your website or video of your talent. E-mails without links will be passed upon.Thank you! Dropdown: musicians_wanted


Hey you! I am looking for a new band to join (IN the city of Chicago only, please! No suburbs). I have 22 years of experience playing and performing with ensembles, professional gear, and a determined and collaborative mindset. Some examples of my playing: (singer-songwriter) (progressive hard rock/metal)Continue Reading

Halsted and 35th no pay INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY People have described the experience of an internship with Martin Atkins as “more beneficial than 4 years at Columbia College Chicago” and certainly, Martin has been, is and will be at the center of wherever the music business is broadly expanding to. FromContinue Reading

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I am looking for a vocalist for a progressive metal project along the lines of Between The Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Necrophagist, The Faceless, etc. The music I write is very dense and there’s a lot of different sections and parts and definitely not standard song structures so IContinue Reading

Creative Career Coaching with Sheila Chandra – Via Skype Sheila Chandra is the ground-breaking World Music artist, bestselling author and creative career coach who mentored street artist Stik from homelessness to international acclaim in just five years. Her latest book ‘Organizing for Creative People’ (Watkins 2017) is a Foyles bestsellerContinue Reading

MIKE O’CULL plays guitar, writes songs, produces tracks, teaches, preaches, writes poetry, makes art, and is in love with human creativity. He has the ability to put a song in your ear and make it stick. He writes songs that combine every cool thing he has ever heard into aContinue Reading

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