The concert by Grammy elected, Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Australian born artist Michael Charles and His Band will take you on a guitar driven journey through thirty seven years and thirty eight releases of original music. The precision and level of energy is just spectacular and will leave you astounded by the driving force, the contemporary blues, and the soulful ballads of Michael Charles.

Based out of Chicago, ca$$erole brings a fresh take to the traditional baked dish. This three piece instrumental rock band blends quirky and raw stylings with energetic live shows to create a truly nasty flavor profile. With mathy tendencies, hard hitting grooves, and spacey vibes, ca$$erole sounds like a mixture of your favorite flavors all in one hot, crispy dish. Grab a spoon, it’s about to get saucy!

Promotional page for the band called Biscay. Learn all about them here on Chicago Music Guide

“The Cyberiam channeled influences such as Dream Theater, Tool, and Porcupine Tree into wildly tight, dynamic, and gripping compositions. Images of nature, B&W faces, candles, spiders, and more adorned their sophisticated, slightly futuristic pop/rock odes of social commentary, with the highlights being the epic “The Butterfly Effect” and the Doctor Who-inspired “Don’t Blink.” They definitely deserve to be a household name for prog enthusiasts…” – Jordan Blum, The Prog Report

The Stardust Big Band takes its musical influence from the classic jazz of the 1950’s and 1960’s, a time when martinis were in, class was where it was at, and bands like Count Basie, Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich were taking the world by storm.

Rebels in Stereo is a Chicago based punk rock band formed in May 2014 combining a rambunctious wall of melody and aggression with complex pop sensibilities.

Intense pop/rock/folk/punk. We’ll play anywhere, street corner, coffee shop, park district field house, bar…

Tiny Kingdoms blends elements of alternative rock, indie rock, and pop music into their own unique sound. Taking after artists like Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is, and Taking Back Sunday.

We’re New Alternative…the home cooked meal made to fight Mcmusic on the front lawn of pop culture. If you’re out there and you like what you hear, then congratulations, you’re New Alternative too.