Before the afterparty, there was a girl called Charli. She learned the thruth about romance. She broke the rules and she loved it. She made the world fancy again. Now it’s 2016 and Charli has sharpened her unique voice and vision. XCX is the symbol she wears round her neck, a signature, something to shout back when the crowd goes ‘Charli’!

24 years old and a music industry native, Charli XCX has acquired a taste for platinum, double platinum, and 4x platinum – sometimes taking a break to enjoy gold, international top 10, and hot 100 number ones. And she’s charitable too, donating addictive toplines to those who need to score a hit. With a raw, honest energy behind every hook and drop, Charli is the life and soul behind the face of pop.

As a songwriter, performer, label owner and next-level superstar, Charli XCX turns us all into angels. Close your eyes and enter a world of pure fun, intoxicating medlodies, and nonchalant empowerment. Love potions come in all shapes and sizes. There’s a wish on everybody’s lips and a genie inside every bottle. It’s the sound you want to hear before tonight turns into tomorrow.