Cold Blue Kid has become a community of friends who have helped Alex Longoria transform ideas, poems, and bedroom rock songs into beautiful sounds and creations. Their dynamic and captivating sound could be categorized as indie/pop/rock/shoegaze. They are known to mix straightforward alt rock / pop with dense layers of atmosphere and noise to create an ethereal, yet somehow familiar sound. Since the release of “Mimic” in 2012, Cold Blue Kid went through a transformation, a hiatus, and a number of other personal obstacles that Alex Longoria had to endure before he could commit to giving this album the attention it deserved, but thanks to the collaborative efforts of the talented musicians he surrounds himself with, including Jessica Hay, who provided the female lead vocals, “Way Out” was finally able to come to fruition for Spring of 2016.

And it has been worth the wait.


Official: N/A