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Chicago Music Guide is seeking volunteer writers  


Dennis Kelly
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12/02/2020 8:47 pm  

Chicago Music Guide is seeking volunteer writers for the following areas:

  • Album Previews and Reviews
  • Concert /Artist Previews and Reviews
  • Artist Interviews
  • Music Columns
  • Feature Articles

If you are someone that loves frequenting the music scene in the Chicagoland area and wants to start getting their work published, this is a great opportunity!

Currently, this is a volunteer position/unpaid. However, your byline and work will be published on a reputable music site allowing you to quickly build a portfolio. This is a great opportunity for current students, or writers looking to get their work published.

Get published writing about what you love: great music in the Chicagoland area!

Please contact to apply, and please include any writing samples you may have for our review.