There’s something about competition that brings out the worst in people. That being said, there is something to be gained from it. When you’re in a band, other local musicians and groups may seem like the enemy. It can feel like it is either you or them. This is simply untrue. While you may have to compete for some opportunities, the other musicians can benefit the entire scene.

It is hard to remind oneself that competition has its benefits. In the heat of the moment, having someone going after the same things as you can cause you to see red. Take a step back and relax a bit. Having that sense of competition forces you to try harder. It sets a standard that one feels obligated to exceed. Generally, having a little bit of healthy competition is good for the music scene. It forces you really dig deep and give each show your all. That energy is infectious. The audience will react to it. On top of that, it also gives the local consumers more opportunities to feed into the scene.

Be friendly with the other musicians and bands in your area, yet keep that competitive drive. Be open to the idea of playing the same gig as the others. If you are on good terms with the other musicians, then fanbases can merge and the scene will grow. For the most part, being competitive and friendly benefits everyone. If some other band begins to succeed and rise up in the industry, there’s still a bright side. People will always remember where they came from. Don’t forget to treat your fellow musicians with respect now. Hopefully, they will remember it when they’re in a position to help.

That competitive nature inside us all is a tool. Recognizing and being weary of it is essential for success. If you have no drive, you will get nowhere. Similarly, if you disrespect or harm your peers in the name of competition, you will also get nowhere. As a musician, you should strive for the top spot. Just don’t forget to lend a helping hand on your way. Don’t forget, people always remember where they came from and the people that helped along the way.