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DANi iVORY ‘s Songs In The Key Of Life And Universal Love
By: Cicely C. Mitchell

Singer, songwriter and keyboardist extraordinaire DANi iVORY is making a statement and is using the “universal language” of music to convey it. “My message is a simple one,” iVORY stated to the Chicago Music Guide. “Spread love throughout your life and do so by being your authentic self.” Quite essentially, this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native is doing just that while traveling the world, creating layers and textures with that “universal language.”

With a humble heart, perseverance and layered opportunities, iVORY (born Theresa Danielle Flaminio) knew from a young age that music would be a transcending and resounding part of her life. In fact, iVORY was listening to music in her mother’s womb: “Yes, indeed, music has truly been apart of my entire life,” iVORY added.

Captivated by arias in the realms of classical music and mesmerized by the soulfulness of R&B, iVORY’s musical appreciation was shaped by her mother, who played the organ professionally, directed choirs and further served as a liturgical musician. iVORY also had involvement in music within the church: “I too was involved with choirs,” iVORY added. “Music has always been apart of me.”

Despite her budding love and interest in music, it was her mother who suggested that iVORY venture into the field of medicine. “Mom wanted me to become a doctor,” she said. Her father, who sharpened his skill-set in architecture and engineering, always conveyed inspiration in melodic and poetic forms.

“Dad saw my love for music and encouraged me to pursue music,” iVORY stated. “At first, my mother was really not interested in seeing me evolve as a musician, but she eventually came around. Despite her hesitation, I have always had my mother’s love and support,” iVORY added. So with the encouragement, love and assistance from her parents, iVORY continued to pursue her love for music.

After diligence as well as innate gifts and talent for musical writing and theory and composition, iVORY went on to receive scholarships at Duquesne University’s Mary Pappert School of Music for studies in Vocal Performance. “I was so blessed and fortunate to receive money to further my love for music and I continued to realize that music is what I am destined to create,” iVORY said.

iVORY continued to expand her musical studies, developing a sharp and keen ear for music improvisation, technique and theory. Soon, she was performing on a regular basis as both a keyboardist and singer, to help supplement her studies and income.

As the years progressed, iVORY soon found herself in California with that same drive, perseverance and sharpened musical talent further refined. Carrying with her a musical endeavor spearheaded by her own hands and creativity, iVORY then joined the band, Silent Star.

“It was a great experience and I was thankful for all of the lessons the band brought into my life,” iVORY stated. Coupled with confidence and tenacity, iVORY then auditioned for a Los Angeles talent agent and soon, iVORY was on her way to expansive growth with her music.

Soon, iVORY found herself touring and eventually landing a job as a keyboardist and background vocalist for Cee Lo Green’s all-female band, Scarlet Fever. The experience brought concerts and performances into iVORY’s life that sharpened and further defined her musical scope. “I love performing and I do so with my full heart,” iVORY said. “It can be tiring but when it’s all said and done, there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that ends with each performance.”

With a rich and layered musical skill set that is highly sought after in entertainment, iVORY soon found herself performing on The Tonight Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Good Morning America, and other national shows.

iVORY has also performed on the stage of London’s Wembley Arena with The Foo Fighters. iVORY has even shared festival bills with such entertainers as Neyo, Eminem and Stevie Wonder, only to name a few. She has also opened for Prince at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

iVORY’s experiences have even given her highly sought-after music and entertainment positions such as as keyboardist and background vocalist for Imagine Dragons. In December 2012, iVORY played her first show as keyboardist for Beyonce at the Wynn in Las Vegas on New Years Eve and then joined the iconic songstress on the stage of the Superbowl XLVII halftime show.

iVORy continued as a keyboardist for Beyonce on the “Mrs. Carter World Tour” where she chronicled her journey and experiences of the tour, while traveling the world. She is currently preparing to accompany Beyonce again for the “On The Run Tour” in which Beyonce will join her husband Jay-Z.

iVORY is not only constantly defining her brand with other high-profile musicians, but creating a lasting musical legacy with her own music. Her debut EP, “Forever Yours” is one that features songs that showcase a fun, flirty and fiercely vocal iVORY.

In terms of her latest musical offering, iVORY says that “Forever Yours” is one that takes personal experiences and couples them with passion and past lessons learned: “As musicians, we create songs by drawing from (past) experiences,” iVORY said. That being stated, the title song is one that musically tells the tale of a budding romance.

“Yes, the song ‘Forever Yours’ is based upon an actual romance,” iVORY added. “Forever Yours” also features friend and fellow vocalist Diamond. “I was really fortunate to have the title song begin with my vocals and end with Diamond’s phenomenal addition,” iVORY added.

In terms of iVORY’s mindset and mantra, she continues to keep both feet on the ground while living a life many only dream of. “Whether I am performing on stage with another artist or as a solo artist, this entertainment business is about living with authenticity,” iVORy stated. “If you are to thrive in music and entertainment, then you must remain true to who you are and true to your craft; others can sense when you’re not. It’s about living and loving what you do with your whole authentic heart,” iVORY added.

iVORY who constantly allows fans and the world, “windows” to view her daily life and journey though her own personal social media outlets, also enjoys hearing feedback from others and reading what others have to say. “Social media is great.

It connects me with fascinating people,” iVORY stated. In terms of its ability to bring stardom, iVORy feels social media is a great help, but encourages aspiring musicians not to sway from hard work. “We have all seen social media bring instant success and stardom to many,” iVORY adds. “Music may allow for instant stardom for some, but success is a slow and steady climb. There is nothing that should be hurried or rushed when it comes to building a music career,” iVORY added.

iVORY is currently working on her first music video (set for release this summer) and continues to perform live in such venues as L.A.’s Fifty Seven and the legendary Troubadour club in West Hollywood.

With an authentic heart and soul, prayer and persistence, iVORY summons well-being, gratitude and appreciation for her talents as she forges ahead, continuing to live the life she knows she is destined to live. “In five to ten years, I want to be headlining my own tour, creating music for film and television, and spreading love in all that I do…it’s the only way!”

Tour Dates:

Jun 25 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Miami, FL

Jun 28 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Cincinnati, OH

Jul 01 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Foxborough, MA

Jul 05 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Philadelphia, PA

Jul 07 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Baltimore, MD

Jul 09 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Toronto, Canada

Jul 11 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – East Rutherford, NJ

Jul 15 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Atlanta, GA

Jul 18 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Houston, TX

Jul 20 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – New Orleans, LA

Jul 22 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Dallas, TX

Jul 24 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Chicago, IL

Jul 27 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Winnipeg, Canada

Jul 30 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Seattle, WA

Aug 02 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – Los Angeles, CA

Aug 05 ON THE RUN TOUR – w/ Beyoncé, Jay-Z – San Francisco, CA


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