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By: Nicole Nicholson

Have you heard of instrumental jam fusion? If you have, then kudos to you, friend! But if you haven’t then it may be time for Digeometric to school you because they can certainly teach you a thing or two. That’s exactly what they did at the Ace bar on January 31st. Now, I’ve seen Digeometric before and each time it has been a ton of brass-infused, electro-funk fun. This past show at the Ace bar though was a real heater. For one, the Ace bar is a nice, intimate venue where all of us listeners can get up close and personal and rub elbows as we get down to some good music. I think this is a great venue for a group like Digeo and they rocked it!

With that, let me paint you a little picture of this past Digeometric show. Hitting the stage before S.O.A.P. performed their David Bowie cover set (which was awesome), the guys tore up the stage for a solid hour full of brass, bass and all-around smoothness. The concert area of the bar was pretty much packed with an attentive crowd grooving to the funky instrumental jam fusion that Digeometric was delivering. They started off with Maybe Later and came out strong with Alex on sax. Right there with him was Marty on an ewi, or an electric woodwind instrument. So, with the ewi, I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing at first and assumed it was an electric recorder or electric clarinet. To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what it was.

But that is precisely why Digeometric can teach you a thing or two! It sounds more like an electric sax and adds an interesting touch to what the group already has going on. Marty switched to a real sax mid-track so that brass sound was really strong. I love when a group can take an antique, timeless sound like that of the sax and weave it in with something more modern you can groove to. Digeo does this and the result is pretty dope.

Digeometric has a nice fusion of jazz and funk, which in my opinion is an all-star combo. After Maybe Later they moved on to play the Force kicking it off with some real funky keyboard by Alex and Ken killing it on bass. I think I enjoyed this track the most because the bass reminded me of some dub. (Not dub step, mind you. Yes, we are in that day and age where I have to specify, but I’m talking real dub with that deep, strong bass.) Marty got back on that ewi and within a couple of minutes they were flowing back into that eclectic, fusion sound. They built the track up to real high and Dave even took some time to play his guitar with the mic stand. Again, you could learn a thing or two from these guys, ya?

Towards the end the guys played Spiraling which was one of their smoother, low-key tracks. They kept that electro-jazz going with their last track, Everything Moves. Much of what I really like about Digeometric is that smooth brass and the vibe that comes from all of the other instruments meshing really nicely with it (including the ewi). Their Ace bar show was a ton of fun and the crowd was vibing and getting down with Digeo the whole time. You could really tell the guys brought the energy needed for that show.

If you haven’t heard of that instrumental jam fusion or Digeometric for that matter, get yourself to one of their shows in Chicago and get groovin’. It’s sure to be an electro-funk, real smooth time- guaranteed. You can keep up-to-date with them here: Digeometric

Digeometric is:
Dave Campbell – Electric Guitar
Alex Francois – Tenor Sax / Keys
Mike Duffy – Drums
Marty Gierczyk – Tenor Sax / EWI
Ken Pecho – Electric Bass

Want to hear that instrumental jam fusion sound? Check out their set at the Ace bar below:

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To find out more about Digeometric, please visit: