Biography: Dutch producer Vincent Rooijers and visual designer Hein Hamers are DROELOE.

Hailing from The Netherlands, the duo’s emphasis on their artistic strengths has seen them weave sonically and visually intricate stories through their music.

Their signature branded skull has quickly become synonymous with progressive music and breathtaking art highlighted by their impeccable percussion-heavy sound infused with the catchiest melodies and stunning use of visuals.

The duo’s debut EP A Moment In Time was a vibrant work of storytelling art accompanied with five unique cover pieces and a beautiful visual storyboard which speaks to the depth and attention to detail the duo has become so well known for. Musically, the EP delivered as well with two Hype Machine chart toppers and over 10 million streams cross-platform winning critical acclaim from fans and their music industry counterparts alike cementing their place as electronic music’s next big thing.

They followed up on that success with “Kintsugi,” a whirling trap banger that’s seen support from some of the biggest names in trap and bass enroute to five million streams before doing an about-face and wrapping up the year collaborating with fellow bitbird prodigy Taska Black and familiar faces CUT_ on “Running Away” to show off the duo’s versatility and diverse production style.

All of that culminated in the duo’s most successful tour run to date as they joined mentor San Holo on the road once again for a four month long tour forty-date tour across four continents culminating in festival appearances at Escape Halloween and Snowglobe Music Festival and marquee venues across the United States.

With 2018 kicking off, DROELOE is ready to dive headfirst into the world of solo touring while continuing to push their creative boundaries as audio and visual artists.



Official: https://droeloe.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/droeloemusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/droeloemusic


Official: https://www.lollapalooza.com/
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