Drummer applications being accepted for 13-Monsters.
Sound : Chamerberlain
Studio location : western suburbs
Rehearsals: weekly
Shows: 1-2 weekend shows per month.
No-no’s: weekends not free. No drum set. No car. An attitude. A distance greater than 10 miles from 59/88 (or at least don’t complain about the drive. The studio we own is where it is). Yoko Ono. Keith Moon’s drug problem. The need to bash the cymbals when we are 6 feet away in a rehearsal space. Asking us on here what kind of music it is without listening to it to see if you would even fit.

Musts: ability to self-learn the existing sets. transportation. Weekends free. A drum set. A team player mentality. A sense of humor. For the love of god you must have a sense of humor.
If you have a set to leave in studio, GREAT! If you want to use the house kit (87’ 8pc Ludwig powertom ) we can arrange that.

Apply ONLY at 13monstersmusicmgr@gmail.com
Not here.
Only there.
Again. Not here please.

(And yes, we know where the name is from. We are friends with Brian and Brian. They let us use it. 🙂 )