DVA at Ballydoyle’s Irish Pub & Grill in Downer’s Grove, IL

DVA at Ballydoyle’s Irish Pub & Grill in Downer’s Grove, IL

Review by Eric Allen Yankee

DVA: “We play songs by dead people.”

If you’re at BallyDoyle’s Irish Pub in beautiful downtown Downer’s Grove on a Friday night, you should check to see if DVA is performing.

Who is DVA you ask?

D(an)V(ic)A(ndy) is a band that rocks so hard your balls will start dancing – even if you don’t have balls.  That’s how hard DVA rocks.

DVA is a band made up of Dan Peters (vocals and guitar), Vulgar Vic Pedraza (drums), and Andy Pullega (bass).  While most of their shows are crowd favorites and covers, this is a group of insanely talented characters that have been playing together on and off since high school.  And trust me when I say it’s been awhile since these guys were in high school.

Each of these musicians has had a long career in the music industry with various bands and opportunities. But, few things beat the magic that happens when they perform together. They are a bunch of smart-asses who insert political commentary and vulgar jokes into the music.  You’re going to love it.

They don’t even rehearse.  Andy mentioned that the band would rehearse, but Vulgar Vic (the drummer) is too lazy to show up for practice.  That’s okay, because even though Vic Pedraza, also of Chicago metal powerhouse Vulgar, had never played Riders on the Storm with DVA before last night, he seemed to have no problem recognizing and providing spot on percussion for it during their first set.   When I approached the drummer and told him I would be writing this review, he told me to make sure I mention how great he is.

He’s really great, folks.

DVA regularly plays venues across the city and suburbs.  Make sure you check out Dan Peter’s website and Facebook events for upcoming performances. It’s totally worth spending four to six hours, of which they play, listening to hit after hit with good friends and great beer. Yes, my friends. No one is on the bill with DVA. They entertain you all night.

Make sure you request:

Summertime Blues

Whipping Post

Low rider

The Wind Cries Mary

Riders on the Storm

Purple Rain

and…The Game of Thrones theme song!

They also did a really kickass version of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, so if you’re up for a late night you should stick around for that part of the evening.

If you’re looking for something to do and DVA is in town, I suggest you go.  This is one of the best Chicago area cover bands.  If you’re lucky, you might catch them on a night when Vulgar Vic sings a song or tells some jokes, but usually he’s focused on being an absolute machine on the drums.

Right before launching into Purple Rain, Dan Peters said, “We play songs by dead people.”  If you’re a fan of songs by dead people then I don’t know why you weren’t there last night.


For information on upcoming shows by DVA, you can check out Dan Peters website at https://shredabilly.com

He’s got info there on upcoming DVA shows.  He also has a roots-rock band you can check out – The West Side Winders.

The West Side Winders have a Facebook page you can find here:


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