Interview with July
By: Dennis M. Kelly

DK: Hey July, thanks so much for taking some time out to chat. How are you today?

July: Hi Dennis, I’m doing very well thanks. Grateful to be selected for a feature in your respected magazine!

DK: Happy to have you here. So, you’ve got a very smooth R&B sound there, I am really appreciating what you’ve done so far. When did you first get started in music?

July: Thank you again, much appreciated. I would say I got into music when I was around 17 / 18 but started working on it at 20.

DK: Okay so, tell me about your family, are there any other artistically inclined members of your family?

July: To the best of my knowledge, no. However, my mother has a good understanding of music so that might be where my appreciation for it comes from.

DK: Great, and how supportive are your family of your career?

July: My family are very supportive, especially my parents. They have always encouraged me to pursue my ambition and my father is even a part of my management team. My mother is my No.1 fan and a very honest critic of my work.

DK: That is great, you need objective support, it really does help tremendously. Have you had any lessons in music?

July: As of yet, no. I have recently started working with a vocal coach though.

DK: Have you played many shows so far?

July: I’ve had several offers to do some gigs but at the moment I’m just focusing on completing my album. I’m sure in the near future I will.

DK: What would you say separates you from other R&B artists?

July: I would say myself as an individual and all the life experiences that have been formed from that.

DK: When did you start working with MLB?

July: Around 4 years ago.

DK: And what about the video for your debut single, ‘Mood’: who directed it and how did it all come together?

July: Myself and MLB planned the storyboard for the video and a friend of my father directed it. It came together with a small team of great people and we all really enjoyed the process.

DK: What have you learned in International Business that has helped you in your career?

July: I have mainly learned how to improve my management skills which I believe is very important for a new artist entering the complex world of the music business.

DK: What are some other lessons you’ve learned in your career that helped you tremendously?

July: I have learned that hard-work, discipline and consistency are three key characteristics that will help me to achieve my goals.

DK: What are your plans for 2018?

July: I will graduate from university at the end of the year and to continue to grow musically.

DK: What are your long term goals?

July: I hope to share my art with the world and remain the same person I am throughout the process.

DK: Thank you very much for your time July!

July: Thank you!


July is an independent British R&B artist based in London, U.K. He has been exposed to a wide range of sounds and cultures which have influenced his song writing. He has experimented with a number of different musical genres and cites his influences as diverse as Lionel Richie, P. Diddy, Phil Collins and Tyrese Gibson.

Now working with a talented producer by the name of MLB, July is perfecting a fresh, unique sound – showcased perfectly by his single Mood. The slick production and instantly addictive hook shows that the partnership of MLB and July is a successful one, and it’s no wonder that Radiostero5 Cuneo describes the track as ‘elegant’ and Flo Radio U.K. named it their ‘track of the month’.

Not only is July a budding success in music, but he is also in his final year of an International Business (BSc) degree at King’s College, London, giving him a fresh insight into the complexities of the music industry from a multi-disciplinary perspective.