DK: Good day all, how’s everyone doing?

WVK: Hi Dennis we are doing great. Gearing up for the summer.

DK: Thanks for taking the time to chat! So, tell me a bit about the band, how long has When Vanity Kills been around for and how did the band form?

WVK: The band is about 6 years old now starting around 2012. Initially it was mainly Heidi and a keyboardist. They started writing songs and performing for a few months before pushing ahead with the band concept. That’s where Chris steps in along with a few others and the concept of When Vanity Kills came about. As with most bands, turnover was common but the core of Heidi, Chris and Turbo have been together the last 4 years. Since then we’ve been focused on writing the music that inspires us followed by live performances.

DK: What were each of your musical backgrounds?

WVK: We are all varied. Heidi started early on acting in musicals like sound of silence and Cinderella, playing the piano at age 3 and then progressing from there. Chris was technically a late bloomer picking up the guitar in middle school and joining a punk band 2 months into it. Turbo is inspired by his older brother, who also played drums and he credits, his brother for a lot of what he knows. He joined the marching band in his school and jumped into the band scene shortly after. This eclectic mix really works in keeping the music flowing.

DK: Is there a leader for the band or do you all have equal roles?

WVK: Not really. We all try to keep an equal voice. This is the best way. We may have a public “point person” but not necessarily a “leader”.

DK: Who is the chief songwriter(s)?

WVK: We all contribute but Heidi and Chris come up with a lot of the base and melody concepts.

DK: How would you describe your sound and what is the general theme of your songs?

WVK: Our sound is melodic with an edge. It’s very emotional and connected. We write a lot about our personal experiences with love, loss, pain, happiness so we fell our music is very organic. We want people to gather their own interpretations of what we sing and play.

DK: How have your fans with your music; what have your fan favorites been?

WVK: Our fans have been amazing and really supportive. We hear many comments about how they connect with the songs message or emotional content. We love that. Some favorites have been our melodic tear jerker “Let me go” as well as our harder pumping “Can you hear me”.

DK: How is the Portland music scene for young bands?

WVK: The scene here is healthy. It’s always ben very supporting of local music. But like most places it’s not without it’s challenges as well. The common things usually are found in most scenes no matter where you are.

DK: What have been some highlights for the band so far?

WVK: Supporting Lita Ford in her 2017 tour through Portland has been one big highlight as well as releasing our debut album “Never saw it coming” a few years back.

DK: Did I see correctly that a new EP is on the way? If so, what can you tell me about it?

WVK: Yes we are excited to get this EP out this year. We wanted to get his out in early 2018 but decided to push it to spend a little more time on the production of the songs. I think our fans will appreciate that.

DK: What has proven to be the best online tool to promote the band?

WVK: We would say there isn’t one tool but a combination of all the platforms that has proven to be really effective. And then presenting a unified and consistent message and branding across all those channels goes a long way. So the tool kit really is at the least, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reverbnation, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

DK: Aside from the EP, what else is lined up for the band this year?

WVK: We aare working on getting a couple of concept videos out as well looking to do some web interactive content on our site.

DK: That sounds Well, thank you so much for taking the time again, I greatly appreciate it!

WVK: Thank you Dennis, its been wonderful.

Biography: The band members of When Vanity Kills all came from different backgrounds, different pasts, and brought their own unique personal styles to the table. Each having their own strengths complimenting each others abilities. What connected them the most however was their love and appreciation for music. In particular the passion for the dark, mysterious and beautiful vibe that shines from the original compositions. With influences ranging from Tori Amos to System of a Down, the end result is a musical roller coaster of melodicism counters with heavy hits of angst and tamed by beauty.
When Vanity Kills isn’t about egos or spotlights. Its about quality musicians delivering their messages to fans. We consider everyone beautiful.. but no one is ever too pretty to kill.