Interview with Condemned to Hell
By: Dennis M. Kelly

DK: Condemned to Hell.. how the hell is it going?

Anthony: We are doing great. Couldn’t be better. Well better maybe if I were married to Lady Gaga. Hell of an answer!

DK: (laughs…. perhaps… ) So how long has the band been together?

John: It’s been about 4 years now. Feels like 2 seconds.

DK: That is how you know you’ve got a good thing going then, right? Anthony and John, you both came from bands previously, how about Greg and Peter?

Anthony: O Sure they, like us, have been in and out of bands since High School. I don’t remember High School but that was the 80’s for ya.(laughs)

DK: (laughs… ‘totally…’ ) How long (Anthony and John) were you both in those bands, how was it in those bands and what happened with them?

John: My time was spent in Savor this moment and Till Death Does You part in the early 2000’s. They just ran their course.

Anthony: I cant remember how many bands I’ve been in. Since the 80’s till now. Good god I don’t know. Again the 80’s were a blur. Some great, some not so great.

DK: Before those bands… what were you all doing musically?

John: The Metal/Hard Rock thing. It’s in our Metal DNA to do this.

DK: Had anyone taken lessons?

Anthony: Nope no lessons. I studied with KISS though. That means whenever I got out of school or work, I’d run home, crank my amp all the way up, drop the needle on an album and learn.

DK: The original School of Rock, eh? What is the philosophy of the band?

Anthony: I don’t know. Let me Goggle that. (laughs)

DK: (laughs) Does the band take any religious stance or is your music just good ‘ole fashioned doom and death metal for all to enjoy?

Anthony: No, no religious stance. I’ll leave that up to Black Metal. Venom rules by the way. Is that a Hell of an answer?

DK: Old school black metal there for sure! Tell me about 6 The Molly Album, is the album a concept album in any way?

John: Yes it’s the first in a trilogy. Each album will be 6 songs, but different girls. The Molly album is written from the killers point of view. Poor Molly can’t find her grave and searches for it forever … to the Killers delight.

DK: Interesting… I love how (at least on Bandcamp) you end the album with Die You Whore…. Sounds like a hit single to me there if I ever heard one… is the album available as a physical release as well as digital?

John: Yes it’s available on Bandcamp and Reverbnation at the moment. We will be releasing it in October of this year. Always October. The Evil month of the year.

DK: How have fan responses been to the album?

John: Response has been great. Live shows are doing awesome.

DK: Great to hear! The band has played Reggies, Bada Brew, among others… how difficult/easy is it finding venues to play and bands to gig with?

Anthony: Chicago has a nice handful of venues to play. Finding bands is easy. Chicago has a big bag of Metal bands. We pick and choose our shows carefully for maximum kill ratio.

DK: How would you rate the Chicago music scene?

John: Awesome. No lack of talent in this town.

Anthony: What John said. We also have Rebel Radio with Scott Davidson and Steve McCarthy to thank as well as Freak for keeping the Metal Machine grinding on ..

DK: My old band actually opened up for his old band… way back in the day. My band, The Killer Kitchen Utensils shared the stage with his band, Stonehenge… we go way back! What has been the best way for you to market yourselves?

Anthony: With these two hands. I spend at least 2 or more hours on my computer everyday tapping away. There’s some great websites out there to help a band out. Just have to use them.

DK: What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

John: A record release in October, new songs and shows here in Illinois and surrounding states.

DK: Where would the band like to see themselves in 5 years?

John: That’s along time. Let’s see. Signed to a Label and playing Europe. That’s our goals right now.

DK: Do you have anything more to share with our readers today?

Anthony: Keep it Metal. Brotherhood of Steal. Thanks Dennis.

DK: You’re most welcome! Thank you also very much for your time today and the best of luck to you all! You sound great!

Thanks Dennis. One thing Bob is no longer with us, but we do have Greg now.

DK: Sorry to hear that, but at least you’ve not let the band skip a beat and are still moving forward… always move forward!!

Biography: Condemned to Hell consists of Chicago musicians that joined up to blend all their skills to create a Doom Death experience both visually and sonically. The music of Condemned to Hell is in your face Metal with Powerful Vocals. Condemned to Hell members are no strangers to the Chicago scene. Creator, Guitarist Anthony Adagio has preformed with Suicide Bride, Metalmorfis and Regime 13. Vocalist John Castro has preformed with Savor this moment and Till Death Does You part. We work hard and play hard. Never stopping!


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