Song Written by: FLAVIA, Kozze
Music Produced by: Stefan Mac, FLAVIA

Directed by Basil Mironer
Produced by Mirage Studio LLC and FLAVIA SPEAKS LLC

1st AD: Casey Simonson
Director of Photography: Mitch Arens
Production Designer: Julia Moquin
Dance Choreography by Davis Rahal
Additional Choreography by Kelsey Landers
Dancer: Kelsey Landers
Makeup: Yvonne Wang, Melyna Reese, Yvonne Arasa
Hair: Erica Birdoes
Styling: FLAVIA, Rose Curry
1st Assistant Camera: Eung-Jin Lee
Key PA: Shay Limon

Editor: Basil Mironer
Colourist: Jenn Gittings

Catering by: Carla Edigati Watson
Picture Car provided by Jacob Luttrell

Special thanks to: Randall Miller, Robin & Norm, Kristin & Janay, Maren O’Sullivan + Vicente, Eloisa & Noah, Julia & Alan, Shawna & Mark, Rich Costales


Official: http://WWW.FLAVIA.LA