My name is Laura Forney. I am a 21 year old college student studying vocal performance at Columbia College Chicago. Music is my passion, and I love sharing it with anyone willing to listen. I have been playing the guitar for about 8 years now, as well as the piano since age 5. My dreams are big but the music industry is fierce as I’ve quickly learned in college. I would love with all of my heart to be on stage performing and recording music forever, but in the meantime, I am looking into becoming a musical therapist. I want to take my passion and abilities to help someone else who is struggling, because that’s what it is all about. Paying it forward every day, and that’s what I intend on doing. I want to thank Cassandra for asking me to be a part of this festival and look forward to seeing other great musicians in their element!

Genre: American Pop, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter


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