Future Generations Live at Lincoln Hall

Photos © 2019 by: Roman Sobus

Photos © 2019 by: Roman Sobus

The by-product of over seven years spent creating and performing music is a camaraderie difficult to describe. Future Generations, composed of Eddie Gore, Devon Sheridan, Mike Sansevere, Eric Grossman and Dylan Wells, lives together, tours together, and writes together. They share song ideas and demos, a kitchen and chores. In the largest room of their Brooklyn apartment, the band writes with ambition, and on stages large and small, and in cities far from home, the band performs with gravitational comity.

You could forgive people for thinking, after so long, the group might grow tired of one another. Instead, they lean on their friendship for comfort. In every nook and cranny of Future Generations’ catalogue, one will find comfort in realizing the positive value of shared experiences – whether good or bad, fleeting or infinite, big or small. Find their second album, Landscape, out now.

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