Haywyre Live at the Aragon Ballroom [GALLERY]

Photos © 2018 by: Laura Sedor

Photos © 2018 by: Laura Sedor

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Biography: Haywyre is a project that synthesizes the best of two musical genres, that of contemporary electronic, along with the more established traditions of classical and jazz. It has been building and maintaining momentum since its creator, Martin Vogt, returned to the U.S. from Austria in 2008.

Vogt’s primary tool for composition is piano improvisation; it provides the foundation for his work and the core of his musical identity. Having spent endless hours in the studio — and upwards of fourteen years studying piano performance — Martin has honed his craft into the professional sound it is known for today, characterized by exciting, progressive tracks which are crafted with unique composition and seamless design.

In 2014, Martin made major leaps with his highly acclaimed “Two Fold, Pt.1” LP, followed subsequently by a modern rendition of “Smooth Criminal” which immediately achieved viral popularity, and succeeded in astounding music critics across the board. After earning the admiration and respect of some of the biggest acts in the industry, Haywyre went on to tour the nation with the likes of Gramatik and Mat Zo.

With 2015 on the horizon, Haywyre has already made strong impressions after a highly successful Two Fold Tour. The nine date tour marked Martin’s first solo tour which spawned rave reviews from fans and critics alike- a marker of what the promising future holds for Martin.

Haywyre continues his mission to provide his listeners with music that not only presents variety and originality, but also carries the essence of a narrative. As one of Monstercat’s most promising young talents, Haywyre is bound to impress the world with his instrumental dexterity and production capabilities.

If Martin Vogt aka Haywyre hasn’t shown up on your radar yet, then let us introduce you to electronic music’s newest Boy Wonder.

Haywyre has made a statement, loud and clear, that he is somebody who will take innovation by it’s devilish horns and wrestle it into submission. He has distinguished himself as more than just a producer; he’s a storytelling savant with musical abilities whose umbra blankets the dance music scene almost entirely.

Many artists in today’s electronic music scene are talented DJs as well as producers, crossing and mixing genres to create unique sounds. Newcomer Haywyre offers that and more: his sound is a blend of modern electronic music with classical and jazz music traditions. Add the use of performance videos and live instruments in that mix and you have a truly unique, musical force to be reckoned with.

Haywyre has been piquing the interest of the music world with productions that marry his deep-seated jazz roots and years of formal piano study to the newer, ever-expanding field of electronic music, resulting in intriguing compositions that mark high in craftsmanship as well as innovation.


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