Honey and the 45s Interview

Interview and photos by: Amy Aiello

Honey & the 45s Biography

Honey & the 45s is a Chicago-based 5-piece band that combines elements of folk, blues, funk, and soul. Their powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and pocket grooves deliver a sometimes playful, sometimes rockin’, sometimes somber sound that will leave you swooning for more!

The band was formed in Chicago in October 2009 as folk/acoustic trio Snow on Sunday by core members Kristina Cottone, Kim Kozel and Chris Kusek. After a few lineup changes, Honey evolved into a full rock ‘n’ roll review by adding bassist Sean Tatum and guitarist Jon Gould.

Their debut full length album “The Need” was released in September 2012 and is now available on CD baby, and the “store” section of this site! They are always expanding their fan base; with their eclectic music, along with an energetic live show to boot, Honey & the 45s is becoming an exciting presence in Chicago.The band looks forward to making more music and seeing what the future will bring!

Band Members
Kristina Cottone– Vocals, Guitar
Kim Kozel– Vocals, Violin, Saxophone
Chris Kusek- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Sean Tatum– Bass
Jon Gould– Guitar

VIDEO: Got the Need