By: Cara Carriveau
About Cara Carriveau
Cara currently hosts middays (10am-2pm Mon-Fri) at 101.9 WTMX in Chicago while raising her two children. Cara also hosts a popular podcast, Cara’s Basement spotlighting all types of entertainers. Cara has always been fascinated with the stories behind the songs and is thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with artists on a personal level. Cara has the unique ability to make her guests feel comfortable and her listeners feel as if they are listening to an intimate conversation. She was honored to be asked to volunteer her interviewing skills for The Chicago Music Guide. Her CMG interviews are remarkably candid and cover a variety of genres.

Cara has been a fan of music since she was a very small child. One interesting rock & roll music experience occurred when she was just six years old: while at summer camp her counselor started singing “Purple Haze, all through my brain” and Cara immediately chimed in, “lately things, they don’t seem the same” and proceeded to finish the entire song. Her counselor was quite impressed and asked how such a small child knew Jimi Hendrix lyrics. A confused Cara said she had no idea who Jimi Hendrix was and didn’t know why she knew that song. After returning home she relayed the experience to her older brother who smiled and informed her that when she was an infant he used to play Hendrix albums all the time and she must have soaked it all in. That same brother then gave her much of his classic rock record collection: The Beatles, The Monkees, Elvis, Paul Revere & The Raiders and much more…and so her musical journey in life began.

Cara became obsessed with music and radio. In high school she took her first radio class and was able to get “on the air” for the first time. While attending Central Michigan University Cara was active at all three campus radio stations plus concert coordinator for Program Board, booking many acts such as The Kinks, Night Ranger and Tommy Shaw to play at CMU. She accepted her first fulltime radio position at WCFX in Clare, MI while a junior at CMU. All along her goal was to break into Chicago radio so in 1989 Cara was thrilled to be offered an on air position att WABT in the northwest suburbs. She eventually became program director. After spending 6 years at WABT she moved on to WLUP (news anchor for Kevin Matthews), WIIL, WRCX, then back to WLUP for 8 memorable years at that legendary rock station. Now Cara hosts middays (10a-2p) at WTMX, arguably one of the most influential music stations in the U.S.