By: Dennis M. Kelly and Matt Ginger

Photos By: Matt Ginger

Interview length: 1 hour

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JBTV is Chicago’s longest running music video program. The program hit the airwaves in May 1987, and is still running strong today. Many of today’s chart topping acts did some of their very first television interviews with Jerry Bryant host/creator of JBTV. Super stars such as Jewel, Dave Matthews, MXPX, Disturbed, The Smashing Pumpkins, and more, all have appeared on the program.

The industry “Bible”, Billboard Magazine, has twice honored JBTV with “Best Modern Rock Music Video Program” awards. Chicago
Sun-Times music critic, Jim De Rogatis recently wrote, “There simply is no contest, JBTV beats MTV every time, Hands down”.

For more information on Jerry, please visit JBTV at:

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