By: Dennis M. Kelly

December 12, 2013

DK: So, for those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

KV: My name is Karina V, I am 15 years old, I go to Nazareth Academy and I am a sophomore in high school. I am a pop singer and my music is based on things that I am going through, but also other teens as well.

DK: Like, what subjects in particular is your music based on? What topics matter most to you?

KV: The subjects of my songs range from love, to heartbreak, to friends, I think its important to write about not only what I’m going through but the fans as well.

DK: How many songs have you written so far?

KV: I have three songs recorded right now. “Dejame” is actually one of my favorites. I wrote Dejame when I was going through a rough time when my friends bailed on me and gave up on me when I was trying to follow my dreams. That is why I am such a big advocate for bullying, I’ve been through it, we all go through it at one time in our lives when there is a song that you can just turn on and sing to it makes it so much easier to get through that situation.

DK: When writing, does the lyrics or music come to you throughout your days or do you have to set aside specific times when you can focus on it, or both? What is the songwriting process for you?

KV: Usually when I’m going through a tough time I type it in my notes on my iPhone. I recently went through a little heart break of mine and I would write down how I was feeling every single day. I was upset, sad , mad, happy. I then usually put those all together and make a song out of it.

DK: I think this is the first time I’ve heard of someone writing a song through an iPhone, that is pretty cool! When did you start singing?

KV: I started singing ever since I was a baby. I would sing along to the soundtracks of my favorite movies. My mom would watch me and as I got older I knew this was something that I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

DK: At what point was it that you knew you wanted to become a serious pop star?

KV: I think I realized it when I started writing my music I think it’s so cool when you can write a song and have it mean one thing and then find that it might mean something else to another person. I really think that is the beauty of being a musician.

DK: Do you play any instruments?

KV: I do. I play the guitar and piano.

DK: How long have you played both instruments?

KV: I started playing guitar in 6th grade and my next door neighbor is my Piano teacher shes a beautiful woman. I started playing piano when I was about 8.

DK: Have you taken lessons for your vocals, guitar or piano?

KV: I never took lessons for vocals, everything I know comes from the wonderful Brad Minor he taught me how to use the piano to correct pitch, warm up your vocals and all that good stuff. I did take guitar and piano lessons for a couple of years.

DK: Would you recommend lessons for aspiring pop musicians?

KV: I would. My mom always tells me to perfect my craft and I think taking lessons does just that. If you can take lessons, take advantage of the opportunity, if not, you can always learn through videos.

DK: Besides your great talents, what would you say separates you from other pop stars?

KV: I sing in English and Spanish.

DK: What have some of your accomplishments been so far in your career?

KV: It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride. I’ve worked with a Disney producer Brad Minor who worked with the group “Jump 5” that was a great honor. I was a campus kid for WTTW 11 PBS KIDS Miss Loris Campus and I spent my summer educating kids on eating healthy. 2 years ago when I started writing, I worked with many well-known producers who have worked with Ciara, Rihanna, Chris Brown. I’ve flown from New York to LA to record music as well.

DK: Quite a bit of great accomplishments there indeed! What got you into teaching kids about eating healthy and what would you like to share here about it as well?

KV: Thank you! I’ve always loved teaching kids and helping them, so it was definitely a opportunity I would have loved to take. Exercising, eating healthy is all something that will help you in the long run. A lot of you are involved in sports and thats absolutely amazing, join a sport make friends! Its an amazing experience.

DK: How do you stay healthy? With fast food everywhere, do you ever have difficulty in eating right?

KV: Ive always been very strict on myself. I am lactose intolerant so that cuts a lot out of my diet. I eat a lot of salad, rice, chicken and vegetables. Its mostly discipline, though I do cheat sometimes haha!

DK: Lol! Jumping back to what you said about flying to New York and Los Angeles to record music, what songs have you recorded and where can we here your music?

KV: I have recorded “Dejame”, “Monster”, and “Bully”, and you can hear those on my Facebook page!

DK: Is there an album in the works and if so, what is the projected release date?

KV: As of right now I’m working on writing music, but I’m hoping in the near future.

DK: You seem to have a great connection with your fans, but if you had to choose, what are your favorite parts of your career so far? (Performances, recording, etc)

KV: Definitely performing, it’s a time when you can actually be one on one with your fans and its so much fun!

DK: Do you do any regular vocal warm ups, or anything in particular to keep your voice strong?

KV: I do, I have vocal warmups that I do everyday to make sure I’m not damaging my vocal chords.

DK: That is good and so important. Something I think many singers take for granted. Do you have an official site yet or where is the best place for people to learn more about you and stay in touch with you?

KV: The best place to reach me would be at or you can tweet me @karinavmusic, I am an absolute fanatic for twitter!

DK: Now, you have a great show coming up this evening; tell us more about it and what we can expect to see at Wire?

KV: I’m very excited to perform tonight, the set I have put together is actually very, very cool. The songs range from so many different genres it’s fun. There is a lot of dancing involved to which is definitely fun! I’m bringing in a special guest with me who is a very good friend of mine! You definitely have to come check it out!

DK: You have your dancing all choreographed then?

KV: Yes, my dancers are amazing and have taught me the choreography.

DK: How long of a set will you be playing?

KV: It will be a 45 minute set.

DK: What are some fan-favorite songs of yours and will you be performing all of them within those 45 minutes?

KV: My fan favorite is probably Slow Down, I will be performing all of them!

DK: Excellent, glad to hear it! Who else is performing with you tonight?

KV: My good friend Celine Marie, beautiful voice, she is nothing but talent!

DK: What else do you have lined up in the near future?

KV: I’m looking forward to opening for many other artists so definitely keep checking on my Facebook and twitter for more updates.

DK: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans before we go?

KV: Definitely come check out the show! Thank you so much to my fans who have been with me this far in my career I would not be able to get up on stage without your support it truly means a lot to me. I hope all of you can make it out and just have fun with me. I’d like to thank Chicago Music Guide for chatting with me you guys are amazing thank you for interviewing me! I just want everyone to know your support is truly appreciated by me and I will never forget you guys!

DK: Thank you very much for your time Karina, it has been an absolute pleasure! I hope you have an awesome show tonight! Take care!

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