Introducing Sam and the Womp: Where There’s ‘Womp’, There’s Fire!

By: Cicely C. Mitchell / Interview by Dennis M. Kelly

Spring is in the air and the eclectic sounds of Sam and the Womp are here, serving straight bass, brashness and beautiful vibes!

Comprised of Sam Ritchie and Dutch born singer/songwriter Bloem de Wilde de Ligny (better known as Bloom) Sam and the Womp’s debut single “Bom Bom” flew straight to No. 1 on the United Kingdom’s music charts in August 2012; furthermore, the single went on to sell over a million copies worldwide.

Their latest song and video “Fireflies” is musically infectious with trumpets, an upstanding beat and punchy lyrics. “Fireflies” also offers great neon effects and dance, reminiscent of the 80s. Directed by SitcomSoldiers, Sam and the Womp were eager for its release: “We had great fun throwing the neon paint around,” the duo stated.

In terms of the inspiration and thought behind the “Fireflies” video, the group used their imagination and allowed their creativity to guide them: “We imagined ourselves in a magical fairy tale forest, partying with the fireflies,” the group added. With quick turnaround and completion of the video, it seemed to be an effortless, yet poignant creation for the group. Sam and the Womp is known for colorful, brilliant and eye-catching performances as well as videos; such is present in “Fireflies”. So is that always in the forefront when placing a video’s concept on the table for Sam and the Womp? “It’s never a conscious effort, but it’s always the outcome,” the duo said. “I guess we are colorful people”!

With “Bom Bom” to their credit, Sam and the Womp work to bring fans music that is tasteful, harmonious, effervescent and flavorful. In fact, according to the duo, their best tunes come out spontaneously, as was the case for “Fireflies”. “Having recently become parents, it’s been harder to find time to be able to work together, so we take turns in the studio,” the duo added. Nevertheless, in terms of their music, Sam and the Womp take the time to place focus upon their music, creating lyrics and ensure happiness, and creating “… a wild party on the stage,” the duo added. “The commercial success of the band was very fortunate, but playing live is what we enjoy the most.”

Given their rising success, their backgrounds encompass various musical styles and instruments. Sam , the front man and a trumpet player, is also a composer/songwriter from London. He has also worked with other bands as well as artists and finds immense joy playing with other brass players, while fusing different genres together. “Bloom is a fantastic singer-songwriter, who came to London from Holland to study visual arts,” Sam stated. “She then bumped into me.”

When it comes to the name, Sam and the Womp, musical sound took precedence! “The word ‘Womp’ describes the sound that the bass makes, and has been associated with dub-step music for years,” “We adopted it, and the “womping” began. The Womp is also the name to our dance, of which we make the audience join in with at gigs,” Sam stated. “The ‘Womp’ is the space between the bass and your face.”

Although the duo has yet to perform in the United States, they hope to connect with their fans here soon. They also have several upcoming performances, including a private party in France. They are happy to perform their newest release, “Fireflies” everywhere they go: “We’re so happy to be performing our new tune ‘Fireflies’ at various venues throughout the UK these coming months. For sure, our show in France will be great fun, as it is also Sam’s birthday, and we like to celebrate in style.”

Fans can catch Sam and the Womp at various festivals, in the UK, this summer including their favorite, the “Secret Garden Party.” “We will be also be holding our own residency at a London club, to be disclosed in the coming weeks,” the duo added.

Sam and the Womp take great pride in their signature sound, as they step on convention to create great music, a new flavor of brass and bass and of course… “Womp”!

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Sam and the Womp have returned with a huge new sound to take the world by storm in 2016. The new single ‘Zeppelin’ is out NOW!

Their debut single ‘Bom Bom’ shot straight to No 1 in the UK music charts in August 2012 and sold over a million copies worldwide.

Fronted by trumpeter and chief rabble-rouser Sam Ritchie and singer/songwriter Bloom De Wilde, the London band create a unique alternative brass driven dance sound. Sam and the Womp prioritize the party as they break free of conventional genres with a new flavour of Brass and Bass.