Halsted and 35th

no pay

People have described the experience of an internship with Martin Atkins as “more beneficial than 4 years at Columbia College Chicago” and certainly, Martin has been, is and will be at the center of wherever the music business is broadly expanding to. From a record label with 350 releases, a recently re-wired studio, a catalog of 10,000 masters, a publishing company, screen-printing shop, career as an author (4th book in the works) constantly touring either drumming or speaking on business or his time with PiL.

This is not for the squeamish, or borderline apathetic, this is a real world opportunity to make your way within this organization as it (and Martin) continue to reinvent themselves……

Real world opportunities become lessons, lessons become the templates for new classes and books and all of it becomes a new global model for entrepreneurship and marketing within creative media industries……

Opportunities include:
tidying up
not being shit
metadata/Digital File Management
Sound Library Admin
studio maintenance
Being awesome
and more

Who wouldn’t want to intern for someone with their own voodoo doll, coffee brand with Dark Matter Coffee, and a Grammy???

Serious inquires, cover letters, and resumes may be sent to invisibleinterns@gmail.com