After Boiler Room called him “one of the most exciting new discoveries we made in Detroit…Incredible talent” Jay Daniel continued to make a name for himself on Theo Parish’s Sound Signature records. Now Daniel comes to Chicago fresh off the release of his second LP, TALA, which was released on his own label, Watusi High. TALA feels almost like a lo fi beat tape. On songs like “Cherubim”, tape hiss and chill chords set a solid foundation while high synth melodies dance over the top and short samples drift in and out of the beat. The album is a rejection of what is expected from a house DJ and forces you to question Daniel’s classification as a DJ altogether.

Jay Daniel is sharing the bill with frequent collaborator, Kyle Hall. Hall, who like Daniel has releases on Sound Signature, also runs his own label, Wild Oats. Hailed as the savior of Detroit House from early on in his career, Hall recently celebrated the 10 th anniversary of Wild Oats with the release of the EP, Equanimity. The EP gives engineering credits to Chicago house legend, Glenn Underground. Hall’s musical sensibilities follow in Underground’s deep house tradition, relying on a strong jazz influence.

While many Chicagoans have declared their local house scene all but dead, Jay Daniel and Kyle Hall’s performances will surely demonstrate to the city that Detroit house, in contrast, has managed to reinvent itself and continue to thrive.

Jay Daniel and Kyle Hall will be performing at Sleeping Village on February 15 th at 9:00pm. More
information and tickets can be found here.