Bloom Twins

bloom twins 150Genre:
Dark pop

Bloom Twins are:
Anna and Sonia Kuprienko


Growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev, this remarkably gifted pair were immersed in music before escaping its confines, fiercely determined to head into the outside world and make an impression. They moved to London to improve their art and the culture they found shocked them. Coming from such a different background, one would fear that they might become enchanted by the big city life, but instead they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and grew more and more committed to each other and their music.

This 18 year olds have got a Steely drive behind the gossamer intimacy of the music. Having already mastered keyboards, flute and harmonica, they are trying to master as many other instruments as they can, including guitar and drums to go with the electronic beats.

On June 20th Bloom Twins released their first track “Fahrenheit” which quickly brought them to attention of various music and fashion spreads of such magazines like Bullet magazine, Music and Musicians, Artist Direct, Paradigm, Flaunt, Wonderland, Vogue Italy, Russia and Ukraine etc.

On sep. 5th 2013 Bloom twins opened for EELS at O2 academy Liverpool.

On oct. 4th 2013 Bloom Twins win MTV IGGY artist of the week by a landslide of 78%.

Nov. 2013 they play Vodafone Mexefest in Portugal, where they completely fill up the entire venue.Dec 2013 they a signed by WME. January 2014 Their introduce their listeners to their new track “True Love” that was played at Kore Studio Sessions.





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