The bright spark of Lindsay Weinberg’s childlike enthusiasm is balanced by the knowing glint in her eye. Her voice is big, her songs honest, her piano playing punchy. On her debut album, Skyscraper Queen of the Midwest, complicated progressions and cheeky lyrics blend into effortless hooks that stick with you until the next morning. Lindsay’s catchy sound is bolstered by a dozen fellow musicians from Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, bringing a harmonic energy as strong as the wind whipping off Lake Michigan, focused down city streets, and channeled directly into your heartbeat.

Lindsay hails from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and thanks her big musical family for valuing creativity and encouraging her to be a performer from day one. Now happy to call Chicago home, she is a member of the Gospel-Jazz powerhouse Come Sunday, French girl group The Ye-Ye’s, and kids’ band Lindsay & The Shimmies. She has also performed with It’s A Girl, Barehand Dixieland, Dyke Van Dick, Congress of Starlings, Baba Manouche, and Ugly By Now. Lindsay is a full-time educator at the Old Town School of Folk Music, teaching private lessons, Wiggleworms, Lullabies, Kids’ Piano, and Young Voices.

Photos by: C.B. Lindsey



Lindsay Weinberg
Raul Cotaquispe
Heather Perry
Anna Suechting
Evan Jacobson
Elizabeth Breen

Genre: Piano Pop


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