Listen to the new track Glide by Lxandra

Biography: Lxandra is a fresh-faced 23-year-old living in Berlin with a record deal under her belt. Hailing from the small island of Suomenlinna, with a population of 800 off the coast of Finland’s Helsinki that doubles as a fortress, it’s easy to think Lxandra is an unlikely popstar in the making. Her songwriting, however, has the ability to transcend beyond the near impregnable defences of her island in North East Europe. It’s thoughtful & reflective storytelling, that is outrageously infectious & warming through-out all you’ll hear. Her passion for singing started from a young age, and her visit to Finnish producer Perttu Kurttila in Berlin in early 2015 was a turning point in her life. Lxandra is a self-assured young woman who knows exactly what she wants and this is clear from her art. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from her outfits to the visuals of her videos. In her songs, she combines electronic influences with classical piano, while powerful choruses meet atmospheric, gentle sounds. The colorful musician recently caused a stir with her gentle piano ballad ‘Hush Hush Baby’, a song that was originally a birthday present for her mother. Her debut single ‘Flicker’, which was released in early 2017, has nearly reached the 1 million mark on Spotify and her follow up single ‘Dig Deep’ has surpassed the 4 million mark. Listen to more new singles right here!