By: Dennis M. Kelly
DK: Losing September was formed in September 2002, is there any meaning behind the losing part of Losing September?
It is a personal issue with Bruce and his depression during the September before the band was formed. Many of our first songs he wrote during that month.
DK: Bruce, how did you and Alonso come to meet and perform the coffee houses in the Chicago area?
Bruce and I met in a college speech class. The first thing he told me was he used to play trumpet in a band. He left out the fact that he used to also be the front man of that band later in their existence. I was not interested in a trumpet player. Weeks later I saw him at an open mic night and new that we needed to play together.
DK: How long did you play the coffee houses for and which ones did you play?
For about a year we played a lot of coffee houses and open mic nights that the bars would allow all ages nights. Open mics: Funkdrop, Elizabeths, The daily Perk, Visions, The cubby Bear, Fire Side Bowl
DK: How did you and Alonso come to meet the other members of Losing September?
We met the other members at open mic nights. They saw us play and wanted to be part of the team.
DK: Did any of you take music lessons?
Bruce is currently a music education major at ball state. His focus is voice and trumpet, but he says that singing nothing but classical music can get old some times.
DK: Do you have an official website? *Official site and social sites added to bottom of page
We are currently looking for a new web host. Our myspace page is all we have right now.
DK: On a blog of yours on MySpace from October, you mention going back into the studio. Did you put that album/EP together and if so, what is it called?
Yes, Burning Bridges
DK: How did your 2005 album entitled “BB’s and Duct Tape” do for you guys?
It went pretty well. This album already has more sales
DK: Where can people get your albums?
Our myspace page. You can order it.
DK: Are all your albums (including your first demo) available for purchase?
DK: How often do you guys hang out together when not jamming?
At least 3 to 6 times a week
DK: What is one of the best things about being in a band for you and what is one of the worst things for you?
The best and worst thing is the family that you become. Families grow and fight, but the good ones stick together.
DK: What shows do you have lined up for 2007 so far?
Right now we are touring more of Midwest in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Cleveland…. When we get done we plan on booking a lot of shows in Chicago, Minnesota and Michigan.
DK: Do you have any final thoughts to share with our readers?
Bear Down Chicago Bears
DK: Thanks and I wish you guys the best of luck!
Thanks for featuring us!

Rock quartet Losing September started in 2002 in Northwest Indiana, near Chicago. Although they’ve all entered college around Indiana, they still make time for shows and even the studio. Two of the original members of the band left for various reasons in 2004, however the band members today have proven their musical abilities compliment each other very well on their latest album, BB’s and Duct Tape, and especially in live performances. It all started with Bruce Fane (vocals) and Alonso Arambula playing acoustic at coffee houses in the Chicago area. Since then Bruce’s vocals and acoustic performance along with Alonso’s electric guitar and the addition of Jimi Rodriguez on drums and Anthony Oberman on bass have created a sound that is original as well as very praised by their fan following.

Bruce Fane – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Alonso Arambula – lead guitar
Anthony Oberman – bass guitar
Jimi Rodriguez – drums