Photos © 2004 by: Dennis M. Kelly


MAD HORNET AFTER HOUR was conceived in the early morning hours of New year’s Eve 2002 after a tumultuous evening of socializing with close comrades. The three roommates, soon to be known as Mad Hornet After Hour, hosted a New Year’s party designed to be the end of all parties at their 4th floor apartment in Rogers Park, Chicago.

With over 150 in attendance and beer and champagne in abundance, it was not too long before neighbors complained and police officers soon gathered. Many a squad car later, the crowds soon dispersed. The girls were gone and the cash from the cover charge was used to pay off the crooked chicago cops. The boys were saddened and distraught. But alas, the best coping mechanism of Mad Hornet has always been late night drunken jam sessions and the after hour despair of New Year’s Eve proved to be no exception.

The three roommates Corey Ford, Zach Drummond, and Patrick Gray, took what little improvised material created from that after hour jam and created Mad Hornet After Hour. Mad Hornet After Hour was conceived on a night that completely embodied rock n’ roll fashion and the boys strive to carry on that tradition.

They’ve come a long way since the three chord endeavors of that fateful New Year’s Jam; they’ve since added the percussive stylings of Casey Colvin and the rythmic beats of Matt Drummond but Mad Hornet is here now to rock out any time, any place, for anyone.

Mad Hornet After Hour ranges in age from 21 to 24 and hails from Arlington Heights and Mt.Prospect, Illinois and from the foothills of Huntington, West Virginia (Yee-Hah!)


Casey Colvin – Drums
Zach Drummond – Guitar & Vocals
Matt Drummond – Bass
Corey Ford – Lead Guitar
Patrick Gray – Lead Vocals