“This is something different. This is the music people live to.” …With heart-wrenching emotion, and epic-anthemic choruses their sound can captivate a listener from the first note to the last. Makeshift Prodigy takes a live show to the next level and thrives on making the listening/viewing experience to be simply one of the best evenings of their fan’s lives and yet an unforgettable & incomparable experience. With energy and emotion Makeshift Prodigy takes the listener to another state of mind by creating music that is not just what everyone else is doing, but what comes from the soul of the musicians to the soul of the listener. Their explosive choruses and laid back, smooth flowing, melodic vocal style make for an intensely beautiful, energetic, and memorable live experience that the listener can take home with them to embrace the powerful message this band has to give…

Cara Carriveau Interviews Makeshift Prodigy at Lollapalooza


Official: http://www.makeshiftprodigy.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/makeshiftmusic

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